What’s on my desk…

Firstly, my desk is really messy. I try so hard to keep it tidy and tidy it all the time, but it always seems to get messy. I think that its because I am constantly searching for things in the middle of the lesson and things just get moved or knocked and then it is messy again.

I thought I would like to see what other people have got on their desks, so I am going to share mine!


On the side next to the computer, I have got these boxes which were given to me as part of my leaving gift from my old job from @LDNhumsteacher. I keep sticky notes, whiteboard pens for students and washi tape in them. As you can see, I have labelled them with my label maker to try to keep them organised.

I have also got a whiteboard cleaning spray which was a couple of pound from Amazon, but very very useful and a hand sanitiser, which I use all the time! I also have a hole punch (essential) and a weekly planner which is where I write things I need to remind students to do in lessons or little notes during the day.


This is the other side of my computer, where I keep the most of my stationery bits. I have four main containers; the wire shopping basket (Tiger), the cloud pen pot (Tiger), the copper pen pot (Wilkos) and the clear plastic box. In these containers, I have a variety of sticky notes, glue sticks, pens, white board pens, highlighters, lip balm, paperclips, stress balls, blue tack, rulers, structure strips, pegs, binder clips, hand cream, Strepsils, paracetamol and probably lots of other miscellaneous items which I have completely forgotten about.

I also have my keepcup. This is the second keepcup I have had and they are brilliant. Less than £10 from Amazon, come in many different colour combinations and last forever. When this one goes manky/gets lost/breaks, I will definitely buy another one.



Finally, I have the space where things just pile up. I do have two magazine files which are kept on my cupboard, where bits of random paper go, however they first lie on the corner of my desk for a day or so. I have my planner, my class details folder and textbooks which pretty much live on my desk as they are used constantly. I also always have my screen controller on my desk as I am always using it to freeze the screen.

On this day, I also have a menorah and a yad after teaching a lesson on Islam and a Bible after looking up a quote for my Year 13 class.

This post may have been really boring for some people, however, as I love stationery I would love to read other posts like this! I love my desk as this is my first year having a proper base, and I am sure I will continue to buy bits and bobs for it and continue to clutter it even more!

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